Reinventing the Wheel

The Blerch

My partner, Tom, introduced me to what is now one of my favorite comics: The Oatmeal by Matthew Inman.  In 

this strip

, he introduces THE BLERCH. Take a second and go read it now.  

. . .back? Great.  

I have never been much of a runner, but The Blerch definitely haunts my creative and professional life.  I have amazing ideas, but those ideas don't always come to fruition.  Lots of things get in the way.  General overcommitment, fear of failure, not knowing where to start, perfectionism, my latest Netflix series-watching marathon, lame excuses. . .well, that stops now.  This blog post marks the official start of my battle with The Blerch.

Here are my goals for our first epic confrontation:

1) Implement transparent standards-based grading in my classroom in a way that will allow parents and students to understand it.

2) Design a maker-based science curriculum for elementary school students despite pressures to conform to a prescribed curriculum from big name publishers that is aligned to big name high-stakes ridiculous standardized tests.

3) Make my learning and creativity as well as the learning and creativity of my students public.

Do you hear that, Blerch?  This is going to be a kick-ass year. . .so BRING IT!